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Why Net Zero Homes are the Future

With the world becoming environment conscious and slowly but surely moving towards a more sustainable future, net zero homes are gaining popularity. Whereas energy saving was previously a preserve of large industries and firms, it has lately become an option for private homes too as more people play their role in conserving the environment. If you are in the category…

Solar Power Maintenance: What is Required for Homeowners?

Why solar power? The world is moving towards more environment friendly energy options, making solar power a very popular option for those working on making the big switch or trying to tone down electricity costs. Solar power is preferred over the other energy sources because: it is pollution free since no greenhouse gases are emitted after installation; it is renewable…

Living Off the Grid: 8 Steps to Take Now

Most people believe that living off the grid is mainly about just moving to the woods, constructing a cabin fitted with solar panels, drilling a well, and installing a wind turbine for power. Simple, right? Living off the grid is a painstaking process requiring planning, preparation, sacrifice and effort to realise the dream. The work does not stop when you move into your house, there is still the maintenance and upkeep of your homestead to worry about. read more

Renewable Energy Types & Benefits

Renewable energy is easily described as energy that is sustainable over a long period of time; something endless, or something that cannot run out easily, like the sun or the wind. Renewable energy is sometimes also referred to as ‘alternative energy’ as it represents the alternative to the more commonly used sources that are non-sustainable, e.g. coal or oil. Types…