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How you can know EXACTLY how energy efficient your home is. An introduction to BPI and RESNET

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Almost every homeowner is interested in cutting back on their energy bill, and that’s where BPI and RESNET can help you. These organizations can help with your existing home, or a new home being built.

You can trust the trained experts to do a complete inspection for making sure your home is using energy efficiently, that the health and safety standards are met, and even let you know if you qualify for any rebate programs.

An introduction to BPI and RESNET

If these terms are unfamiliar to you, then you are likely not alone. Both of these organizations are experts on auditing a home’s energy consumption. But they do more than that, as they both look for the same thing but from different approaches.


The Building Performance Institute and the Residential Energy Services Network is where you can learn more about making your home more energy-efficient.

BPI and RESNET are home energy auditor certifications. That means you can either learn about these technical standards on your own or hire someone who is certified to audit your home’s energy.


The Building Performance Institute was established to enhance the tools of home performance professionals to be able to better audit your home’s energy usage.

By diagnosing energy-related issues, they can help you as a homeowner lower your energy use and also find problem areas that are costing you money in areas that don’t need to be.

They can also help you find ways to qualify for local and state rebate programs by suggesting a few more energy-efficient improvements to your home. This can also improve the health and safety of everyone in the home.

They can also find areas where you may be having air leaking out by testing your windows, doors, roof, and duct to make sure they are also up to standard. These can help save you a lot of wasted money.


Residential Energy Services Network was developed to take a closer look at how your home uses energy. They take those results to rate the home and make sure it is being built to standard.

RESNET is used mainly for new homes being built. That way, new homes being built are better equipped to provide better energy use and keep the standards of health and safety high right from the start.

It also helps to make sure new homes are using energy efficiently and that the homeowner is paying for that, and that only. Too many people pay for energy that is wasted and not put to good use.

They work with everyone involved with a new home being built, from the builders and the real estate agents, the mortgage companies, code officials, appraisers, and homeowners to ensure the best outcome for energy use.


These home performance professionals both have the same goal in mind, however, BPI and RESNET are slightly different. If you are building a new home, RESNET will likely be the organization you will be more concerned with.

Both of these organizations have been developed to ensure a home’s energy use is optimized. They both work with building science principles, pressure diagnostics, duct leakage testing, and combustion safety.

If you need an assessment for your existing home or are needing advice for your new home being built, contact us here at Live Smart Construction. As builders and energy-efficient specialists, we know homes inside and out. We know it’s important to get a complete picture of your home’s efficiency.