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Smart Home Integration


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Maximize the effectiveness of your smart devices with a single, streamlined system. At Live Smart Construction, we don’t sell isolated products – we create synergy.

Our team will design and install a system that connects all of your technology and energy upgrades into one seamless, efficient environment. With this level of automation and control, you’ll get more out of your investments. Take advantage of all of your smart home features with a system that is uniquely designed to match your lifestyle, habits, and preferences. 

Smart Energy

            Do you know how your energy is being used? Keep track of your energy spending and minimize waste with unparalleled transparency. With built-in energy monitoring, you can see exactly how much power your solar system is producing and foster eco-friendly habits.

            A smart thermostat, automated lighting systems, and smart outlets will integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle. For example, when you tell Alexa that you’re going out for the night, the system can simultaneously turn off all the lights, power down devices, turn down the heat, and close insulating shades. Work smarter, not harder.

Smart Security

            Create an integrated system that puts your safety first. In addition to smart door locks and video surveillance systems, automated lighting systems can add a reliable level of security.

Smart Atmosphere

            Smart lighting, sound, and shading don’t just illuminate your life, they enhance it. Set the scene with custom, integrated lighting that matches your habits. You can even adjust settings for different events. Do you want your lights to follow sun patterns to produce even light all day long? Do you want to cue soft music and party lighting when guests walk in the door? The options are endless!

Invest in a smart home system that makes your space feel more comfortable, cozy, and inviting with less energy waste.

Live Smart Construction

kansas city’s highest rated Smart Home Integration company

Our team is made of industry professionals who understand solar energy, but who also have a more in-depth understanding of building science. This means we have the unique ability to evaluate your home as a whole and help you make the best possible decision regarding your home, your budget, and your energy usage needs. While solar energy is a smart way to save money and to enjoy a safer and cleaner power option, it isn’t always right for all homeowners. Our team will never attempt to sell you something you don’t actually need – this is a guarantee you can count on.

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Our Smart Home Integration Process

WORKING with live smart construction is so easy!

When you contact us for smart home integration, we start by asking you a few simple questions on what it is you’re trying to achieve.  Want to save money by ensuring the thermostat turns down automatically when you’re family isn’t home? Want to host parties in style with lighting that syncs to your music? Or do you just want to make sure that you ACTUALLY closed that garage door when you left earlier? At Live Smart Construction the options to integrate your home with your lifestyle are truly endless. Sync your life with your home, take control of your environment effortlessly by putting it all on auto pilot- saving you time and money, all while giving you piece of mind.

Keep your home and life in sync.  Take total control of your home effortlessly, and put it on autopilot