5 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Solar Provider

5 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Solar Provider

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Making the decision to switch to solar energy is a smart one and you need to be prepared to have a discussion with your Kansas City solar provider. It is a big decision.

There are more than enough benefits in turning to solar power for your home, for your energy savings and the environment. But you are bound to have plenty of questions.

5 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Solar Provider

You should talk to a few Kansas City solar providers to make sure you have all the facts. Not all solar providers are the same.

1. Cost

While prices may vary, they should be in the same arena. You know they are not cheap, but with government incentives and more and more companies providing solar panels, this shouldn’t be too shocking.

Of course, the price is going to depend on how many panels you get, so the number may be only what you can afford. But there should not be a huge gap in the price from one provider to the next.

2. How Long Have Been in Business?

Asking about their experience and longevity is important. It will help you understand more about their business and their business practices. It’s easy to look this up online, but you should ask, anyhow.

Ask for references and check out reviews online and in person. Ask how many solar systems they have installed and ask your Kansas City solar provider how much area do they cover.

Ask about licenses or certificates that they have and how do they know about solar power in the first place. As it becomes more popular, some less than scrupulous companies may offer solar without the proper knowledge or training.

3. Warranty

This is important. If there are problems or concerns, you need to know that you are not on your own with these issues. There should be a warranty on the solar panels but one offered by your Kansas City solar provider, as well.

The company installing your solar panels should stand behind their work and their products. While each company will be different, you should expect at least 25 years’ promise on your solar panels.

4. Are They Worth the Investment?

Overall, the panels are a great investment for anyone wishing to save on their energy costs and help the environment. But, your house may not be in a good enough location to receive enough sunlight to make a difference.

There may be other problems, as well, like your roof needing repairs or replaced, or that your roof simply doesn’t have enough space to accommodate enough panels.

5. Will They Damage my Roof?

This is actually a very common question, but the answer is almost always no. If your solar panels are installed correctly by a professional Kansas City solar provider, there should be no problem.

In fact, they can actually help protect your roof. They help to keep your roof from getting too hot or cold, help keep the roof safe during bad weather, and there are not going to be any big holes made when the panels are installed.

Your Kansas City Solar Provider

If you don’t know where to start, start with us at Live Smart Construction. We’ll project and map your savings so that you know exactly how much the system will save in the upcoming months and years.

The solar system will also appreciate the value of your home, so it’s a smart investment that pays you back in many different ways. Our team is made of industry professionals who understand solar energy. Contact us today!