Keep Your Summer Bills Low this Year with Solar Energy

Keep Your Summer Bills Low this Year with Solar Energy

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If you don’t think about solar energy to keep cool in the summer, you are not thinking about solar in the right way. Having solar panels installed helps with all your energy needs.

Solar panels produce energy that reduces the load on the electricity grid and reduces your ongoing electricity costs for the lifetime of your solar system. Depending on where you live, your energy consumption may rise in the summer months.

Keep Your Summer Bills Low this Year with Solar Energy

Keeping your energy bill low can be a challenge during the summer. The kids are home, you have time off from work, and it’s awfully hot outside.

Produce More Energy

Making hay while the sun shines also applies to solar energy. During the hot sunny months of summer, your solar panels will produce more energy than you need.

That means the energy is stored on the grid and you can access it later if needed. It also means that your community has access to it and that is credited back to you, saving you more.

Run Appliances During the Day

Use all of your larger appliances during the day, when the sun is up and your solar energy is at a peak. That way, you are not using what has been stored or needing to tap into the grid.

These appliances can use a lot of energy, so it is better to run them during the day. If you have smart appliances, you can operate them from afar, so nothing else in the home is running.

Solar Panels Keep The Roof Cooler

The solar panels doing their own job is impressive enough, but having solar panels can actually make your roof a bit cooler. One of the other benefits of having solar panels on your roof is that they can actually reduce the need to run your air conditioning as much.

Solar panels have been shown to reduce the temperature of your roof by up to 5ºF, which will reduce the amount of heat that increases considerably in your home through your roof and attic.

Smart Home System

Having a smart home system will help you control how your energy is used and when. You can control the air conditioner to turn on at a lower temperature before you arrive.

This way, you don’t come home and crank it up to try and cool the home faster. Start the air conditioning an hour before you arrive, and then lower it more to maintain the comfortable weather.

The air conditioner will use the energy being produced during the peak hours and then when you can turn it down, it will stop using it. The cool air will remain until the temperature drops outside.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances can be run during the day while you are not at home. This saves because they use the solar energy that is being produced and nothing else is running.

Start the dishwasher to run just as you leave the home, and then start the washing machine once it has finished its cycle. You can control these from an app away from the home.

Solar Energy

Investing in solar energy is an investment in your future, the environment, and saving money. Solar energy is ideal for everything you need energy for. If you haven’t invested in solar energy, why not?

If you need more information, why not talk to one of our experts here at Live Smart Construction. We are solar energy experts and would be happy to walk you through it.