4 Tips for Better Smart Home Energy Management

4 Tips for Better Smart Home Energy Management

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Technology advancements mean we can have far better control over our smart home management. Smart homes are the way of the future and for good reason.

Automating control of the way your home uses energy is smart. You can control how things work and when, even if you are not at home at all. It is saving people thousands on their energy bills every year.

4 Tips for Better Smart Home Energy Management

Smart homes have so many benefits for ease of management and saving money. This technology will soon be standard in every home.

1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting involves smart light bulbs and a programmable system you can set to turn on and off, or control remotely. LED light bulbs not only last longer, but they also save energy.

They are also designed to work with your smart home energy system. Your smart lighting system can be set to turn off at a certain time or to turn on in the morning with your alarm, or a few minutes before you come home in the evening.

They make a great addition to your security system. Motion lights, set timers for lights to come on, or to go on and off for longer periods of time while you are away from the home for extended lengths of time.

2. Smart Thermostats

The ability to control your home’s entire HVAC system remotely is possible when you install a smart thermostat. There are programmable thermostats, but the smart thermostat takes it one step further.

You can set the heating or air conditioning to kick before you leave work. You can control it all from a distance, and you can also receive tips and reports letting you know if there are problems or updates.

This can ultimately save you a lot of money. Cool the house down during off-peak hours so you can enjoy the temperature without over-taxing the system.

3. Smart Appliances

Smart appliances are getting better and better all the time. They not only save energy but they can be programmed and remember your habits. Refrigerators have a camera so you can check what you need from the grocery store.

Washing machines can detect the colors and textures of your clothes and choose the water temp, cycle needed, and water level best suited. Your smart oven can be turned on from work to start dinner before you leave your office.

Smaller appliances are being made, smart, too. Microwaves, coffee makers, and other kitchen appliances are all designed now so you can take control over your smart home energy needs.

4. Solar Panels

Installing even a few solar panels on your roof or on the ground can help cut your energy bills considerably. These are savings you will see immediately. Rather than relying on what your city provides, make your own energy.

There are all kinds of initiatives for people to go solar and the price of solar panels is decreasing all the time. Why depend on something you don’t control, when you can take control of your own energy production?

Solar panels can cut your reliance on the grid by using a power source that is constant, renewable, and sustainable. Cut your carbon footprint and cut your energy bill.

Smart Home Energy

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