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Boost your home’s value and create sustainable spaces that you love. Live Smart Construction will be your dedicated contractor for custom and small projects. Everything that we do is carefully planned and executed with the highest quality standards. Just like our solar projects, net-zero builds, and smart home upgrades, our work is rock solid and built to last. 

Discover some of our most popular custom construction project options for your home. 

We Can Build:


Create a focal point in your outdoor space to entertain and relax. Pergolas have a timeless style that can be used to hang hanging plants and create shade.

Plus, a solidly built pergola by Live Smart Construction can be used for creative solar farming. Just let us know if you’re interested in potentially upgrading to a solar system in the future; we can design and build a custom pergola that is ready for solar panels when you are.


Whether you’re looking for total privacy, a decorative accent, or a border to keep animals in, we can help. Regardless of the project size or style, we will measure, install, and finish every fence with precision.

Landscaping and Retaining Walls

Landscaping is about more than just land care and weather protection. Stylish touches create a welcoming first impression and draw visitors into comfortable spaces. Turn your house into a home with soft- and hard-scaping that work together for a cohesive design.

Decks and Patios

Turn your backyard into a relaxing paradise. Our contractors can rebuild a crumbling patio or create an entertaining space from scratch. The options for shade coverage and built-ins, like a fire pit or flower beds, are endless.

Tile Projects

Elevate your kitchen or bathroom with custom tile projects. A new backsplash or tile floors can instantly transform your space with modern style. Plus, our clean, precise tilework adds an upscale, luxurious aesthetic. Looking for a high-value bathroom makeover? We’ll plan and execute a custom tile shower that makes your home feel like a relaxing spa.

Outdoor Kitchens and Entertainment Spaces

Take the party outside! We design custom outdoor entertaining spaces that feel cozy and comfortable. An outdoor kitchen is the best way to spend more time outside, and it’s a convenient place to entertain. Whether you’re cooking poolside or barbecuing with a view, we can help you do it with a sustainable, stylish focus.

You Dream It – We’ll Build It

Live Smart Construction

kansas city’s highest rated Custom Projects construction

Our team is made of industry professionals who understand solar energy, but who also have a more in-depth understanding of building science. This means we have the unique ability to evaluate your home as a whole and help you make the best possible decision regarding your home, your budget, and your energy usage needs. While solar energy is a smart way to save money and to enjoy a safer and cleaner power option, it isn’t always right for all homeowners. Our team will never attempt to sell you something you don’t actually need – this is a guarantee you can count on.

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Our Custom Projects Process

WORKING with live smart construction is so easy!

When you contact us for a custom project we’ll begin by simply asking what it is you’re kind of project you want done, and then we determine why you want it so we can ensure we fulfill your needs to the best of our ability.  We’ll then get to working with you by putting together digital artboards via the Houzz and Pinterest apps; we want to see what styles speak to your soul so we can deliver a project that you’ll love forever.  Once we know exactly what you want and love- we’ll get to work on bringing your vision to life.

Custom projects that boost your home's value while creating spaces you'll love

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