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Air Sealing Tips to Save BIG MONEY

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We could all use a few air sealing tips to cut back on our energy bills. From leaking windows and doors to roofs and chimneys, it can cost a lot of money from the heat and cool air escaping.

It doesn’t make any sense to pay to heat or cool the outdoors, yet many of us do it anyhow. There are few easy steps you can take to seal up those leaks and gaps and keep your air where it needs to be.

Air Sealing Tips to Save BIG MONEY

The best place to start is with an inspection. That way, you will know where your problems areas are and what you should concentrate on first. This can save a lot of time.

While you could check for yourself, chances are you will not find everything. The professionals have the right tools to find even the smallest leaks that may still be costing you big money.

Windows and Doors

The gaps and spaces between your doors and windows are costing you a lot of money every year. Get weatherstripping to fill in the spaces around your windows and doors.

Remove any rubber or caulking that is pulled up or cracked and replace it all. This is one of the least expensive air sealing tips for saving a lot of money on your energy bill.

In winter you can use plastic coating on the windows to keep the cold air from getting in and the heat from seeping out. Use shrink film around the frame of it as it attaches to the wall and keeps everything where it should be.

Calking can be used all around windows and gaps and spaces around the door frames, as well. It is inexpensive and a great air sealing tip for keeping your energy usage under control.

Roof and Chimney

A poorly insulated roof or a roof that holes or breaks in it will allow a lot of air to seep out. If you have an attic, make sure it is ventilated in the summer and insulted in the winter.

Because the roof covers a lot of space, it also is responsible for losing a lot of air. In the winter, if the snow and ice is melting off your roof, you are losing a lot of energy.

If there are large spaces where your chimney is pulling away from your roof, this can start to cause more damage than just leaks. You should get it checked and repaired.

If it isn’t too bad, use foam insulation to fill it in until further repairs may need to be done. While there does need to be a bit of space, too much can damage the roof and the chimney.

Basements and Crawl Spaces

Cracks in the foundation, leaking windows, uninsulated walls and floors can make the home feel cold and damp. The basement ceiling needs to be sealed, as well, as it will make the floor above feel cold and damp.

Another overlooked air sealing tip is for the crawl space. The crawl space needs to be sealed in to keep the air in and out. It can also help keep animals from setting up house under there.

Get More Air Sealing Tips

Contact us here at Live Smart Construction if you need any more information regarding air sealing tips or you have any other questions regarding your energy bill and ways to save.

We have the equipment to find even the smallest leaks that could be costing you way too much each month in your energy bills.