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How efficient is your home? Let’s find out! As builders and energy-efficient specialists, we know homes inside and out. Even before you consider adding a smart home system or installing solar panels to offset your energy bills, it’s important to get a complete picture of your home’s efficiency. Small improvements and fixes can make a major difference, so even if your goal isn’t to create a fully sustainable net zero home, we can help you move in the right direction. 

            Learn more about the main problem spots that we audit and improve:


Air leaks drastically reduce your home’s efficiency and undermine your efforts to create a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. If you have a drafty room or a corner of the house that fluctuates temperature with the weather, you likely have a major leak. Of course, smaller leaks add up, too. We take a detailed approach and look behind the scenes to identify and seal everything.

With a specialized blower door machine and infrared camera, we can track how air moves in your home and isolate the leaks that are undermining your sustainability efforts.


Insulation is a key part of your home’s structural integrity, and it provides thermal resistance for a comfortable environment. In addition to protecting your energy investment, it also helps to prevent foundation damage, siding damage, and air leaks.

There are lots of different insulation types to choose from and the way that it’s installed makes a huge difference. In addition to making sure that the insulation is spread evenly for consistent coverage, we also have to consider the product type, performance, and thickness. All of these factors add up to an R-value, which should match the Department of Energy’s regional recommendations. Add local code requirements into the mix and things can get super confusing for a DIY project.

            We make it simple with a comprehensive insulation audit and we’ll explain everything in clear language with honest suggestions. 80% of heat loss occurs through the attic, so that’s usually our primary target, but effective insulation in your walls and floors can make a big difference as well.

Appliances & Lighting

It might be time for an upgrade. Old furnaces and water heaters are two of the biggest energy thieves, but lighting and kitchen appliances also play a role. After the audit, we’ll help you look and see if you’re eligible for low-cost financing. The government and many local Kansas City utility providers offer programs that reward you for investing in energy efficient appliances.

Are you ready to save up to 30% on your energy bills?

Live Smart Construction

kansas city’s highest rated Energy Audits & Energy Management

Our team is made of industry professionals who understand solar energy, but who also have a more in-depth understanding of building science. This means we have the unique ability to evaluate your home as a whole and help you make the best possible decision regarding your home, your budget, and your energy usage needs. While solar energy is a smart way to save money and to enjoy a safer and cleaner power option, it isn’t always right for all homeowners. Our team will never attempt to sell you something you don’t actually need – this is a guarantee you can count on.

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Our Energy Audits & Energy Management Process

WORKING with live smart construction is so easy!

When you call us about your home’s energy use- we’ll be your guide to ENERGY SAVINGS.  We’ll start by doing an energy audit to determine if your homes insulation is sufficient, and then check to see how air-tight the building envelope is.  Then we provide you with a clear, concise energy management report that will show you how to get on the path to SAVING MONEY by reducing your energy needs.

Reduce your energy consumption and save your money for the things that matter most