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Residential Solar Energy


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Solar panels allow you to live more independently, save money, and reduce your environmental impact. By harnessing your own power and building a sustainable system, you can avoid the rising costs of energy inflation. At Live Smart Construction, we build comprehensive energy solutions that make solar installation even more affordable and efficient. There are so many ways to take advantage of solar technology, so we’ll sit down to explain your options during a free consultation. 

Roof Mounted Solar

Rooftop solar systems are the most common option for several reasons. This method has the lowest upfront installation costs, it doesn’t take up any extra space on your property, and it can actually strengthen the integrity of your roof. Plus, roof systems almost always provide the fastest return on investment, so you can recoup the cost more quickly and save even more in the long run!

Ground Mounted Solar

Ground solar requires additional labor and heavy machinery, so it’s a more expensive option than roof mounted solar systems. However, there are lots of unique benefits to consider, especially if you have unused land that you want to upgrade into your own personal solar farm.

Functional Solar Mounts

Build a covered structure that combines solar benefits with functional spaces. Don’t just build a basic carport or pergola – create a solar hub.

We’ll design a custom solar plan that is perfectly matched to your energy consumption habits, roof size, pitch, direction, and shading. We don’t recommend costly battery backups, so all you have to invest in are the panels themselves. Plus, if your energy consumption changes in the future or if you choose to upgrade to a 100% solar powered system down the road, we can help you plan and add panels.

Solar Savings

If you can afford your energy bill, you can afford a solar system from the highest rated solar panel installers in Kansas City! Take advantage of the 26% federal tax credit while it’s still available and go solar with government funding. The 26% credit is deducted directly from your tax liability, so you can spend that money to invest in your home instead of paying the IRS.

We’ll project and map your savings so that you know exactly how much the system will save you in over the upcoming months and years. The solar system will also appreciate the value of your home, so it’s a smart investment that pays you back in many different ways.

Live Smart Construction

kansas city’s highest rated Residential Solar Energy company

Our team is made of industry professionals who understand solar energy, but who also have a more in-depth understanding of building science. This means we have the unique ability to evaluate your home as a whole and help you make the best possible decision regarding your home, your budget, and your energy usage needs. While solar energy is a smart way to save money and to enjoy a safer and cleaner power option, it isn’t always right for all homeowners. Our team will never attempt to sell you something you don’t actually need – this is a guarantee you can count on.

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Our Solar Panel Installation Process

WORKING with live smart construction is so easy!

When you contact us for solar panel installation, we will provide a full evaluation of your current energy usage by analyzing the past 12 months of your bills. This information helps us determine the size and type of system best suited for your home.

Once we have determined what system you need, we will have an experienced estimator visit your property to determine if a roof or ground based solar system is best suited for your home. Both are viable and quality options, and usually the decision is based on the size of the system and the state of your roof.

In addition to ensuring you get the right solar system for your home; we also carefully evaluate your roof. If your roof will not last, problem-free, for the next 12 years (minimum) we recommend a replacement to ensure the solar panels you install won’t have to be removed and reinstalled in the near future.

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