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About Us

Josh McCrary – Owner / Operator

Veteran-Owned and Operated

A Legacy of Service

Led by founder Josh McCrary, a disabled army veteran, we don’t offer elite service because it’s easy – we do it because it’s right. Live Smart Construction was founded in 2017, but the joy of upgrading and building eco-friendly, energy-efficient homes has been a lifelong passion.

Josh grew up with a hammer in his hand and a deep respect for hard work. His entire family worked together to build, develop, and sell new homes that were so much more than just a building. Before founding Live Smart Construction, Josh proudly put his skills as a trained electrician and builder to work for the US Army. He served two oversea tours as a sergeant and team leader in Iraq as well as a project manager for a multitude of construction projects on an air base in Romania.

Our Values

Under Josh’s leadership, every member of the Live Smart team is held to the highest standards and challenged with an infinite game mindset. For us, patriotism, freedom, and service run deep. Even as civilians, the army oath of enlistment is something that we remember with pride and strive to follow every day. Our mission is about so much more than just improving homes or installing solar panels – we make the world a healthier, richer place to live.

Our Future

Live Smart Construction specializes in sustainable building practices and we look at the whole picture in order to craft the most effective solutions. Since our launch in February 2017, we have doubled every year and continue to expand the team with skilled laborers who share our company’s commitment to excellence.

Josh saw very early on that solar panels are just one small resource to leverage for complete sustainability. We aggressively research new green building methods and religiously train new skills in order to deliver the most comprehensive service. One day, we dream of building micro-cities that are completely self-reliant, produce zero waste, and uplift traditional community values with modern amenities.

Together, we can create the ultimate retreat that is good for the environment, our communities, and your wallet.