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Will Solar Work for an Older Kansas City Home?

will solar panels work older kansas city home

With solar power becoming more popular every year, people are taking notice. If you are one of those people looking to invest in solar panels, you might be wondering if you can install solar panels in your older home.

Many older homes are not up to standards on many issues, like wiring, plumbing, and insulation. The good news is, if your house is still in good shape, you should be just fine.

What You Need to Know

It’s understandable that people may be reluctant to think about investing in solar power for any number of reasons. If your home runs on electricity and everything is up to code, you should be just fine.

The Roof

The age of the house is not as important as the age and the condition of your roof. If your roof is older than 15 years, you may want to have it replaced first. All of the work involved with the installation of solar panels can just damage it more.

Even if your roof is fairly new, you want to have it inspected first. There could be holes, leaks, or even asbestos. If you don’t want to replace the roof, you can install them in your garage, a shed, or there are other options, like ground mount panels.

As long as your roof is in great shape and able to withstand the installation, there should be no problem. If your home is designated a heritage building, then you can not install solar panels.


Old established homes very often mean old established trees. This can also be a concern. If the trees cover your roof, you will need to trim them back. This may be a sore subject with the homeowner, their neighbors, and the community.

Besides overhanging trees, roof arches or other buildings will cause shade during the day. This will have an impact on the efficiency of the panels, as they won’t be able to produce.

While you can trim a tree, the neighbor’s roof casting shade will be another issue altogether. Your contractor will point this out to you if it is a concern and they are reputable.

Eclectic Wiring and Panel

Older homes may have wiring that is completely outdated. This will need to be updated to accommodate your new solar power source. Chances are, there are not enough outlets, breakers, if you have any, light switches, or power to operate your home the way it is.

You will need a detailed inspection before you think about the solar panels. It’s a great idea to upgrade your electrical system in an old house, anyway. They are often not equipped to handle all the tasks we need them for today.

We now have multiple devices and appliances running in every room of the house. If they are not running, they are charging. If you plan on living in the home for many years or handing it on to your family, it is well worth upgrading all aspects of the home in preparation for the solar panel installation.

If the home isn’t too big, which many older homes are not, the upgrades and solar panel installations will be paying for themselves through energy savings.

Ask The Pros

It’s very important you talk to people who know houses and understand solar power. The more you know upfront, the faster and more efficient the process will be.

Call the solar experts at Live Smart Construction for all your solar needs. Ask them for advice and have them inspect your home to make sure you are able to start saving with solar.