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Things You Need to Know Before Going Solar

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Lots of people have made the savvy move in going solar. If you have been contemplating the idea of advancing in the solar arena, let’s take a look at some plans and considerations in order to help you move forward on going solar.

Assessing the Strength of Your Roof

First things first, if your roof is older and showing signs of damage, you will need to get that repaired or redone before you start installing solar panels. This will save you time and money in the long run. You definitely do not want to have to take apart the solar panels because you start incurring roof problems. In the long run, it is wiser to fix the roof first and then attach your solar panels.

Number two, take into consideration the warranty of your roof versus the warranty of your solar panels that you are thinking about installing.

Number three has the strength of your roof assessed to ensure that it can support the solar panels.

Lastly, you may consider a professional evaluation to assess the roof health and extra support that may be needed to ensure a successful installation of your solar panels.

Warranty of Solar Panels and Other Components

You need to be aware that there are different warranty terms for different manufacturers and contractors. Most reputable companies offer long term warranties up to twenty to twenty-five years. There are no external moving parts, so the wear and tear and Maintainance for your system will be quite low, however, the warranty will cover the energy level of power being at approximately eighty percent would be covered through the warranty period.

Here are some things to check for in your warranty. Does it cover the entire system or only the inverter? Does the warranty cover wear and tear that may occur from extremely harsh weather? Does the warranty cover damages that may occur from improper installation? What is the duration of the warranty? You will want the standard industry average of 20 years.

Installation Efficiency Optimization

The placement of your panels is key in order to get the optimized energy that you can harvest. If you are in the position of constructing a new building, take advantage of this by designing your roof so that it gets optimal sunlight during the day. If you already have an existing home and have some shady areas, you may want to check out double glazing and thermal insulation.

Things to consider if you plan to expand your solar system in the future to areas such as your pool heater, EV charging stations, water heaters, and so forth.

You will need to assess the maximum sunny areas and try to avoid shady areas. You will want to install your solar panels on the south-facing side as possible.

Another thing to consider is your system’s compatibility with gen-next Artificial Intelligence-based transformers like Neurobotz, in order to optimize the load curve and maximize the capacity.

Receive Financial Incentives and Grants on Going Solar

In some areas, there are incredible financial incentives and grants to facilitate your move on going solar. You can have the solar house of your dreams at a much lower cost than you may realize.

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