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Will it be Easy to Sell My Solar Home?

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You may be thinking to yourself that you won’t be able to sell your home just because it has solar panels. Quite the opposite is the truth, it may be just as easy as selling hotcakes!

Are Solar Panels a Selling Point?

Most definitely solar panels are a selling point when it comes to selling your home. You or your real estate agent will have a great feature of the home to talk about during the tour of your home to potential buyers.

A great point to give would be that the new owner will have a lower electric bill, and they won’t be taking on any extra costs to install a system themselves.

How Much Will the Value of Your Home Increase With the Help of Solar Panels?

Homeowners that have sold their homes with solar systems already installed have seen their value increase upwards of $15,000 or even more. Some homes won’t see that large of a value increase to that large of a number, but the panels will give some extra value.

That extra value can give you a little more money to buy your new home. The value will also help with the new homeowners’ income taxes, they can see a decrease or a credit on their refund.

Selling a Home with Owned Solar Panels is Easier to Sell than Leased Panels

Selling your home after you already fully own your solar panels is way easier than when you’ve leased your solar panels. Potential buyers are more willing to buy the home with owned panels than leased. They won’t necessarily want to continue to lease the panels, they’d rather own them outright.

Selling your home with leased panels isn’t impossible. You’ll have to go over the lease agreement from your solar panel installers with potential buyers before they agree to pay the monthly payments for the leased panels.

Don’t leave out any small details! Studies show that only 20% of buyers said no to continuing to pay monthly payments on leased panels. Surprisingly, buyers are more willing to pay for leased panels, so they don’t have to install systems themselves.

What to do Before You Sell Your Solar Home

Buying out your lease may be easier than trying to transfer the lease agreement to the new buyers. The new buyer will need to have good credit for the agreement to transfer properly.

Giving your solar panels a general maintenance check before you sell will help ensure they are in working order for the new homeowner. Get in touch with your solar installer to come to take a look at them for you and do any repairs that may be needed.

Does Your Solar Installer Give Deals on New Systems for Your New Home?

Some solar system installers can give you a percentage off or a better when you install a new system in your new home. If you get in touch with them after you’re in your new home, they’ll be able to stop by and give you a new quote instead of you having to relocate your solar panels and system.

Invest in Solar Power the Smart Way, with Live Smart Construction

Now that you know more about the ins and outs of selling a home with solar panels, you have the confidence of knowing that they’re a sound investment. Maximize the benefits of your investment in solar power by having your solar panels professionally installed by the experts at Live Smart Construction.

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