Why You Should Hire a Veteran for Your Solar Project

Why You Should Hire a Veteran for Your Solar Project

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As solar power is in more and more demand, so is the need for qualified people to work in the industry. From sales to installation and education, veterans are stepping up and filling the need. Nearly 10% of all people working in solar are US veterans. While that is better than many sectors, it could be higher. There are plenty of reasons why you should hire a veteran for your solar energy company.

Benefits of Hiring Veterans

The solar industry aside, you should always consider hiring veterans for your company. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in what branch or area they trained and worked in. These are transferable skills employers dream of.

Leadership Skills

Veterans know all too well the importance of discipline, structure, and being organized. They are able to use these skills to lead a team on a solar project to make sure everything goes as it should.

Great leaders and great team members. They are also trained to work their way up, to keep achieving and striving for the best. They lead, even when they are not. They know what everyone needs to do and make sure it gets done.

Strong Work Ethic

Fast learners and respect for authority are also skills they not only bring but pass on to others. They also understand the dedication needed to complete the task at hand.

They also understand that it is a team effort all the way. That means everyone helps everyone else. Attention to detail and discipline means they are dedicated to the fullest.

Safety First

Field training gives veterans a new perspective on staying fit and working safely. They know how important it is to stay alert, look out for dangers, and keep everyone safe.

They are also known to work well under pressure and keep their heads while in stressful situations. They are also very adept at getting out of complicated situations and finding solutions to problems.

Advanced Skills

Many vets are highly trained in complicated and highly technological areas. From computers to high-tech equipment, it is a natural transition to solar. Chances are, many veterans already have experience with solar sets ups if they are stationed overseas.

Many veterans are very familiar with setting up and the inner workings of solar power. They likely have been setting it up and using it for their unit if they are stationed away.


Reaching the target goal is often a single mission statement in military training. They have the focus and the knowledge to find the solution in the most efficient way possible.


A veteran won’t quit. Not you, not the job, and not the team. They are excellent at organization and they can pull it all together without a lot of fuss. They know the importance of completing the task.

They are excellent on a team or left on their own. There will be no difference in the result. They are focused on the job and hand and getting it completed to the end.

Pay Back

Everyone should consider hiring a veteran. Their dedication and mettle of overcoming hardships and adversity are enough. Mature, flexible, worldly, and integrity.

Many veterans suffer when returning, they may have mental health concerns and trouble finding work. Watch all that training take care of itself when they come to work for your solar company.

They trained hard and dedicated their lives to their country. Open your door to learn from them and lead your company forward in ways you never imagined.

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