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Why Go Solar During Winter?

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When the winter arrives, we often don’t think about our roofs, doing home renovations, or most of the other major home improvements. But getting solar panels in the winter is not only a possibility, it might be a smart move.

Just because we associate solar panels with summer, we already know they work just as well in the winter. So, why not get them installed in the winter, too? There are several reasons why you should think about getting your solar panels installed during the winter.

Going Solar in Winter

There are actually a few advantages to having your solar panels installed during the winter months. These can be anything from cost to availability.

Beat the Rush

Everyone starts booking roofers once the snow starts to melt. That could mean you may be waiting for a much longer time. Solar panels take a bit of time to install, so why not book them in the fall or winter.

Besides finding the contractor that you want, you may also get a better deal. Without the added pressure of them trying to juggle all their customers, they may actually be happy to have the business.

Takes Time

As mentioned above, installing your solar panels is a big job. It can take up to several months to get them completely installed and running. Your contractor will have the time before they are booked for the spring and summer months.

There will be a bit of disruption at your home, so better in the winter, if you need to go stay with someone. It also won’t interfere with any of your summer plans, whether it’s a vacation, other home improvements, or just enjoying some time off.

This way, you will be ready, too. The panels will already be working by the time they really get put to the test. Once summer hits with all that glorious sunshine, you are already running.

Start Saving Sooner

You will already know that they are working, as the panels will start working right away. We use a lot of energy in the winter months, so you will be able to see the savings start right away.

You will notice a difference in your energy bill right away. Plus, the solar panels work very well in the winter, so get them installed and start saving money and energy.

There may be financial benefits to installing solar panels in the winter. The work and panels may be less expensive, there may also be some government incentives for doing so, as well.

Better For Roofers

Being up on a roof all day, day after day is not fun. For roofers who are booked solid through the entire summer, that can be a tough job to do. They likely appreciate the winter work, plus they can bundle up instead of burn up.

They are professionals so they can install them under any conditions, but winter might be a nice break for them, for you, and for your energy bill. They won’t be rushed, they won’t be too uncomfortable, and they won’t be in great demand, quite yet.

Winter Solar

Solar panels are making headway and rapidly becoming mainstream energy sources, rather than alternative energy sources. Solar energy can save you a lot of money, and that starts as soon as you install them.

If you have been considering getting solar panels installed, why not call Live Smart Construction today? They are solar panel experts and they build it right the first time and back everything up with warranties that you can trust.