Cold Weather is Coming. Is it Too Late to Install Solar Panels?

Cold Weather is Coming. Is it Too Late to Install Solar Panels?

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The short answer is, No. We never think it’s too late for installing solar panels. Unless we are trying to install them in a full-on blizzard, there is never a bad time to install solar panels.

If you wait until the dead of winter, it will make the installation more of a challenge, but even late fall and early winter are still perfectly acceptable for solar panels to be installed.


The spring is a very busy time for solar installers, roofers, and other renovation teams. People start thinking about new additions, yard landscaping, and solar panels during the winter.

It might actually cost you more to have your solar panels installed in the spring. The crews are very busy and this might mean longer waits and delays. Plus, you need to have your roof in great condition before you can have solar panels installed.


Working on a roof in the heat of summer is brutal. Besides, your solar panels work by gathering sunlight, and that is there year-round. Many households run their AC during the summer which can really drive up their energy bill.

While solar panels help to cut costs, it won’t start showing up the second they are in place. You want them to be installed and ready to go before you need them.

It’s also a kindness to your installation crew to not have to be up on your roof in the blazing heat. It means they need to take more precautions and breaks so they don’t get overheated or suffer heatstroke.


Once the heat has settled down, many people find they don’t have to wait so long for the crew to come by and start the installation. There are also some incentives to take advantage of before the 2020 year is completed, so there are savings you can take advantage of.

Start the paperwork for incentives and permits in the spring or summer, be prepared by having your roof inspected and any repairs completed, and be ready to get your solar panels in the fall or early winter.

It’s much more comfortable for crews to work in the fall. The snow hasn’t covered the roof and the work will likely go much faster than it would in the heat or freezing temperatures.


Winter is an acceptable time for solar panel installation. There are far fewer demands for the crews and they can get in and get the work done much faster. If it is the dead of winter, they may be delays for the snow to be removed.

It may be harder for the crew to get the attachments on due to frozen tiles or fingers. But rest assured, they can be installed in the winter months. You will beat the spring rush and you will start to see improvements on your energy bill.

The panels will work perfectly well, even if they are covered with snow. The light will still get absorbed by the panels without you having to remove the snow.

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Contact Live Smart Construction if you are ready to install solar panels or have questions about them. We will tell you what you need to know. We can evaluate your home as a whole and help you make the best possible decision regarding your home, your budget, and your energy usage needs.

While solar energy is a smart way to save money and to enjoy a safer and cleaner power option, it isn’t always right for all homeowners. Our team will never attempt to sell you something you don’t actually need. This is a guarantee you can count on.