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Tips for Heating Your Solar Powered Home

Tips for Heating Your Solar Powered Home Kansas City

Running your home on solar power is going to save you money. But you may find it more difficult doing something more than others. Heating your home, in fact, may be a challenge.

That is getting easier. As more companies are making solar panels and helping homes and commercial buildings switch to solar power, there are always new advancements for making it work better.

Tips for Heating Your Solar Home

Once the winter comes, and your solar panels are not producing as much energy, there are ways you can still keep your home warm.

Smart Thermostats

If your home has central heating, smart thermostats will make a big difference. They allow you to make adjustments to how much energy you use and when and guide you through how much energy you need to heat the home.

They can keep track of how much energy you use at certain times of the day and make adjustments, set times and they will also help you save money.

Solar Appliances

You can get a solar heat pump that can help move the heat around the home. One, which is an air-source pump that provides heat via ducts or pipe systems in your home. The other is a ground-source pump. It moves heat from pipes or wells that are installed beneath your home.

There are solar water heaters, which depend on solar power to work, come in two types. Active water heating systems, and passive water heating systems.

There are solar-powered space heaters you can install. They work well and run off of solar power, and they can be mounted in a southern window or on the roof. Many are portable and easy to use.


Proper insulation is very important. Just as important as sealing off all the cracks, holes, windows, door frames, and other places where air and drafts can get in. This is important for summer and winter.

It will not only keep your home warm, but it will cut your energy costs considerably, reside the noise from outside and from room to room, help control dust and particles that make you sneeze, and save you from heating the outside of your house.

Ceiling Fans

Circulating the air helps in the summer and the winter. Just reverse the direction of the ceiling fans to move the warm air around the room. It will move it up and down and around the room.

Electric Heating

Using your electric heating might seem like going against everything solar, but many times you don’t have a choice. You don’t have to use central heating for the entire house.

You can use smaller space heaters for smaller spaces. Often, you can put on a sweater and heavier socks. If you have someone who is ill, elderly, or a baby, you can use concentrated heat from a space heater.

If you do need to use an electric central heating system, consider radiant heating. It’s more efficient than forced-air and baseboard heating plus it does not move dust and particles around your home. Radiant heating can be installed under your floor.

Ask The Experts

Solar power is more popular than ever, as people are looking for ways to save money. Our energy bills are often outrageous, so it is nice to get a break from high winter heating bills.

For more information, contact Live Smart Construction. We can advise you on whether solar panels are the right choice for you, how to save money with them, and even more ways to save money on your monthly energy bill.