Easy Ways to Improve Your Energy Efficiency at Home

Easy Ways to Improve Your Energy Efficiency at Home

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If you are worried about your rising energy bill, there are plenty of big and small ways you can help to lower it. Making your home more energy-efficient not only saves you money but it is much easier on the environment.

Even a few little adjustments will make a big difference in your energy bill. Most of the changes can all be done by you.

Improving Your Home

Try a few of these simple methods to save energy.


Far too much energy is lost through poor insulation. Have your insulation checked or replaced to save the heat or cool air from escaping. The attic floor is often a huge contributor when it comes to lost energy.

Get a coating for the windows to stop the loss of heat or cool air. Glaze for the windows will save you money throughout the year.

Lower The Thermostat

Using less energy for heating can save a lot of money, so consider turning the thermostat down a few degrees in winter. Do not try using space heaters to heat your home for long periods of time, they are huge energy hogs that will drive your electric bill higher and higher. Also, consider wearing more clothing, or getting cozy in a blanket inside to stop cranking up the heat.

The same goes for the air conditioner in summer, consider raising the temperature a few degrees. Install a smart thermostat that knows when you’re away from home so the temperature will automatically switch between it’s home and away settings, saving even more money. Install ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and utilize mother nature. Open the windows and let the breeze cool the home down during the spring and fall months.

Install Solar Panels

Getting solar panels is just a smart investment. When you have the ability to create your own energy, why wouldn’t you? Lower your energy bill considerably with solar panels. Heat water, cook food, charge your Tesla… heck, just run the entire home all on solar power.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaking out through cracks or openings can be a major contributor to excessive energy loss. Seal up windows, doors, walls, and the attic floor with sealants and closed-cell spray foams. This small investment will pay dividends in the long run by saving you money on your electric bills, and making your home more comfortable on a daily basis.

Turn the Lights Off

Don’t leave lights on all over the house. Invest in LED light bulbs- they have gotten substantially more affordable and use only a fraction of the power that a traditional bulb uses. Use smaller nightlights at night to avoid turning lights on and off if people need to get up, and set bath fans on timers.

Better Appliances

Upgrade your appliance to be more energy-efficient. Older appliances like refrigerators use a lot of energy and don’t often work very efficiently in terms of energy consumption. That old fridge in the mancave likely needs to go. Buy a small fridge for the den to keep the energy use down.

Upgrade Your HVAC

Have your heating and air conditioning checked every year. They need to be cleaned out and maintained to work properly. Older ones just don’t work as well as they should and cost a lot to run and maintain.

This includes the ventilation, as well. Have it checked and cleaned out. It can become dirty and that isn’t healthy to be breathing in when you turn it on.

Run a Full Load

Don’t run the dishwasher, clothes washer or even the oven unless it’s full. Turning on the oven to make cheese toast is a huge waste of energy. Run the appliance when there is a full load or wash the few items by hand.

Less Hot Water

Using less hot water will cut back the energy bill a great deal. Wash clothes in cold or tepid water and keep showers short. A low-flow showerhead will help save on water.

Change Your Habits

We all have wasteful habits we could break. Staring into the fridge for ages waiting for something delicious to appear. Leaving lights on, leaving the water running, or running major appliances during peak hours.

Energy Audit

Call us today for your own energy audit. We can tell right away where your problem areas are and suggest some small repairs and alterations that will make your home much more efficient and lower your energy bill.