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Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

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One of the biggest benefits of solar panels is that they require very little cleaning and maintenance. They can, however, get dirty and damaged over time. If they are not performing as best they should, you may need an inspection.

Cleaning & Maintenance for Solar Panels

If you are new to solar panels, you need to know that they do require some cleaning and maintenance. They can get dirty from the weather and surrounding trees, suffer from damage on the roof caused by weather or animals, or just a regular cleaning.

Cleaning and maintaining your solar panels will make sure you are getting their full potential. While wind and rain may be able to remove some of the leaves or bird droppings, they do need to be checked on regularly.

Find out from your solar panel installer if they cover that sort of thing or will do cleaning and maintenance for a fee. It is a good idea to get someone to check them out at least once a year to make sure there are no leaks or damage.

If they are easily accessible, or on the ground, you can take the hose with a nozzle and even some mild soap up to give them a cleaning. Use a soft brush or squeegee to clean them. You may want to use an extension on the brush to reach.

If doing them yourself, be very careful. Getting up to wash them yourself can damage them or you could get hurt. Your insurance for them or homeowner’s insurance may not cover damage or injury if you try yourself.

For the most part, they are made to be self-cleaning, and letting Mother Nature take care of the basics should be fine. If you want them cleaned, hire a professional team to do it for you.

If your panels lie flat, they will gather more debris than those that are tilted. If you think they are not working to their full capacity, then they may need to be inspected or cleaned.


The panels should be inspected every year, usually before winter or just after. Wether can damage the roof and the panels. You should have your roof inspected at least once a year, anyhow.

An inspection will let you know if any further action is required. They may be potential for leaks or some damage. Squirrels and birds can get in and lift the tiles around them scratch the surface, or leave debris and droppings on them.

Leaves, fallen branches, and other debris that can get blown up on your roof can also damage the panels or prevent them from working as they should. Plastic bags or broken or pulled up tiles can make a mess and cover the panels, blocking out the sunlight.

Monitoring System

You should have a monitoring system in place so you know where you are with production. Keep track of how much energy is produced every day so you will be more aware if it has slowed down.

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