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6 Benefits to Going Solar

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If you are considering alternatives for your energy source, consider using solar energy. There are plenty of benefits and reasons why you should consider installing solar panels for your home or business. The environment and the savings are usually the main reasons, but there are plenty of other benefits to going solar. Investing in solar power is a smart investment.

Benefits of Using Solar Energy

The benefits of moving to solar power are many. The sun is a natural source of power and it is constant.

Save Money

The average person who spends $150/month on electricity will spend almost $75,000 on electricity over the next 25 years! You will notice an immediate drop in your energy bill once solar is installed. The investment is well worth it, and as more people are using solar power, the cost of solar panels has come down considerably.

The average solar customer saves over $10,000 over the lifetime of their solar system, some can save $25,000 or more if their electrical usage is fairly high.

You also avoid the inevitable rising costs the utility company will charge you. Every year the costs seem to go up. If you are not using the utility for energy, you avoid extra money that will be demanded each year.

Save the Environment

There is no harm in harnessing the sun’s power. There is no pollution like there is from fossil fuels. It’s a clean power source that has no threat of depletion. With the sun being a renewable energy source, solar power can be used in almost every place in the world.


Producing and using your own electricity can save you thousands over the years. You don’t have to have a battery backup to become energy independent either, although that’s definitely an option.

When you install solar panels utilizing a grid-tied system you can produce 100% of the power your house needs and send the rest back to the grid to be used by other consumers. By producing all of your energy needs “in-house” with solar panels, you essentially become energy independent because you can achieve a zero dollar electric bill. Meaning you produce all of your own electricity and won’t be subject to electricity rate hikes when the utility comes swooping in asking for more money every year.

You can also install a battery-backup solar system and have power anytime the sun is shining, without relying on the grid at all. In Kansas and Missouri, batteries are still expensive enough that they aren’t competitive in the market though. Given the rate of technological advancement we experience in society- batteries may very well become the best way to store and use electricity sometime this decade.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance on work and cost. Solar panels are built to live in the outdoor elements, and they are considered a “Static System”- meaning they don’t have moving parts or need any maintenance in general. If one gets broken however, it will need to be replaced but expect them to function as they are meant to for at least 25 years.

But, once they are installed, they start working right away and you start saving right away. Whether you clean them yourself or hire someone, that’s essentially the only maintenance that will ever be done. And it can be done with a garden hose if necessary. Easy as that.

Increase Property Value

There have been a multitude of studies done that show adding solar panels to your home will increase your home’s value, and cuts the time your home spends on the market if you decide to sell by 20% or more.

On average, adding solar will increase your home’s value by at least 3-4%. In a study done by Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory shows that adding solar can increase your home’s value by up to $4/watt of installed solar, meaning a 5kw system could add up to $20,000 in value to your home. Different areas of the nation have wildly varying rates for electricity costs; if you’re in an area where electricity costs are high and you add solar it will make a much larger difference in your home’s value than it would if you were in an area that had low electricity costs.

Government Incentives

Currently, there is a 26% Federal Tax Credit available nationwide that’s available to all homeowners and business owners. For Kansas and Missouri customers who are Evergy or Ameren customers there is also a $0.25/watt rebate- but it’s only available until the funds run out, and it’s a first-come first-served type program. 

Next year the utility rebates will likely be depleted, and the Federal Tax Credit steps down to 22%.

Solar For Life

There are different methods of using solar panels to harness the sun’s energy. When you call us for an estimate, we will check out your home to see what will be the best solution for you.

Contact us today and schedule a free consultation. Live Smart Construction are leading experts on solar power. We can map out your saving so you will know exactly how much you will save. It’s a smart investment that pays you back in many ways.