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Essential Devices for a Smart Home Integration

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Switching over to smart devices for your home will make a vast improvement in your energy bill. Decrease your energy consumption and positively impact the environment.

With so many options to choose from, it is easy to get your smart home tailored to suit your every need. Here are just a few devices you should have to upgrade your home.

Smart Home Devices

It is so easy to integrate smart devices you can control from anywhere. Save energy and make your home more secure.

Smart Energy

You can set the temperature to turn on or turn down at a specific time. Control all the lights, and your devices from your mobile or smart device in the home. Monitor all your energy consumption with a built-in energy monitor.

You can set them all to work together if you are going on vacation or you can set them to operate individually. Lights can turn on and off at set times so it gives the impression someone is in the home.

Smart Security

Imagine a security system that you can monitor and control from anywhere. Check to see who is at the door, even when you are not home to answer it. Video surveillance you can check and even communicate through.

Having the lights come on and off and automatically closing or opening the shades gives the impression someone is home and that makes your home much safer.

Have lights come on when you want and automatic locks can be set and checked from your mobile. No more worried if you remembered to lock the door when you left this morning. You did.

Smart Mood

You can set the lights, music, close the shades, control everything you need. Set the lights to come on ten minutes before you get home. Maybe you will be late, so you can set them to come on when it gets dark outside.

Have the lights set low to set a calming relaxing mood or have them on bright with music for a party. Temperature control with lights, shades, and music, all while you can monitor how much energy they use.


Get all of your smart devices connected to each other to streamline all your technology. Control all of them with one device. Get the whole system designed to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Completely unique to your very specific needs, control everything you need effortlessly. From controlling the temperature to enhanced security, smart homes are the way of the future.

Save energy and money by controlling and automating your system. It can be customized to suit your habits. If you work nights, have lights come on at night so people don’t know there is no one at home.

Check your video surveillance from work or on vacation to make sure everything is as it should be. Keep an eye on everything from missed visitors to package delivery.


Take control over your home even when you are not there. Our experts at Live Smart Construction understand the science of building. We can integrate your whole system to make life much easier and give you back control.

Help save energy by always knowing what is going on in the home. You can monitor and control everything with a single device, even when you are miles away, or in the next room.

Contact us today if you have any questions about integrating your smart devices. Get an energy audit to see where you can make improvements and changes to save money and cut down on your energy consumption every day.