Electric Car + Solar = A Winning Combo for Saving Thousands

Electric Vehicle + Solar = A Winning Combo for Saving Thousands

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The demand for gas and diesel needs to be curbed. Many people are turning to electric cars to help save the environment and their money. Charging your electric car can be done from your home, but it can add up when it comes to your energy bill.

Installing solar panels on your electric car and your charging station can have plenty of benefits. Cost-saving benefits, to start. Cutting carbon emissions is another great reason to consider it.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles with Solar

There are numerous benefits to switching to electric and solar-powered vehicles.


Break free from the pump and the demands of non-renewable fuels. You can power your vehicle from home or charging stations. The solar panels will increase the rate at which your car charges.

If you already use solar power, cars are now coming out equipped with solar panel sunroofs. That means the car is charging even when it isn’t connected to your main power source.

Avoiding the demand for fossil fuels frees you from price hikes and price gouging. It’s a nightmare being held hostage by oil companies when you just need to get somewhere.

Less Maintenance

Oil is dirty. Because of that, the oil needs to be changed regularly and that is also a dirty job. A battery and solar-powered vehicle rely on a battery and panels.

Get rid of the complicated engine and exhaust systems, no radiators or fuel-injections needed. That means less maintenance. The batteries need replacing but one should be depended on for at least eight years.

Less Expense

While you will pay for the electricity to charge the car, solar power is free. It changes as long as the car is in the sunlight. Gas, diesel, and oil are far more expensive because it is expensive to extract them.

If you charge often and regularly, you may never need to rely on gas again. Charging at work, at home, and on the road will keep you running longer and for much less.

Cleaner Environment

Fewer emissions mean cleaner air. That is good news for the air we breathe which means the planet and ourselves benefit. These emissions have an effect on the air, water, and contribute to so much ecological damage.

There is the ability to stop dependency on oil locally and overseas. This helps the economy and the environment. Shipping oil is also a nasty business with ocean spills alone costing millions.

Power Up

There is more good news when it comes to electric vehicles. We are all familiar with electric cars but there are several brands making pick-up trucks, including Ford, GM, and Telsa, to name a few.

Expect these to be hitting the streets very soon. These are being made to stand up to the reputation they are already known for. Power and torque. There will be battery size options and increasing milage from other models of electric trucks.

The Future is Hot

Several car companies are now looking at not only including solar panels on the roof but all the possible panels. That will increase the vehicle’s ability to charge better and faster, taking advantage of all the angles of the sun.

While there are some logistical problems with full-panel solar panels, the rooftop solar panels are becoming more popular. Plus, as the heavy-duty trucks are entering the market, expect more of the same.

It is estimated that in the next 20 years, over half of the new cars hitting the streets will be electric. With sales of electric cars increasing every year, so does the technology to make them better.

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