5 Must-Have Electrical Upgrades for Your Kansas City Home in 2021

5 Must-Have Electrical Upgrades for Your Home in 2021

5 must have electrical upgrades home kansas city

Getting upgrades for your home not only makes your home safer, but it allows you to run newer, smart appliances. It can help you save money on energy costs and keep your home up to recommended standards and guidelines.

If you are remodeling or renovating, there is never a better time to have your electrical system overhauled. You may have damaged wiring or faults that you were not even aware of.

5 Must-Have Electrical Upgrades for Your Home in 2021

Depending on the age and condition of your home, some of these may be more important than others.

1. Electrical Wiring

Older homes and electrical systems simply can’t handle what we need them for these days. They can also be a safety concern, like fires, shortages, or electrocution.

We have a lot more appliances and gadgets now, all needed to function at the same time, recharge, and these can overload your breakers and fuses. You may want to consider a charging station, as well.

Charging stations will let everyone plug in their devices in the same place and then you will always know where they are. It will free up sockets for other things you need running.

2. Light Switches

Lights have come a long way from being off or on. Now, people want dinners, automatic timers, voice activation, and senior activation. There is so much more you can do now with lights.

3. Smart Home Upgrades

Everything we have now is smart. Our phones, our cars, our appliances. It is now possible to control almost your entire home from your smartphone. You can set your locks to open or shut.

Answer your doorbell while still at work or on vacation, plus you can see who is there. Yes, smart security is becoming more and more popular all the time. Plus, control the temperature, turn the lights on as you are coming in the door, and even turn the oven on to start dinner.

4. Electrical Panel

If everything else in the house is going smart, that means your electrical panel must also keep up. Smart appliances and gadgets require a new kind of electricity to keep them working.

While many of the appliances we have are meant to be energy-efficient, and they are, the problem is that we have so many more of them. That means replacing your old electricity panel with a breaker box, just to keep everything and everyone safe.

5. Electrical Upgrades

These electrical upgrades will not only make your home much safer, but everything will work much better. Overtaxed outlets, outdated or damaged wiring, faulty wiring are all just an accident waiting to happen.

Your home will function much better, you will have many more options, and your home will increase in value. A potential buyer will be very pleased to see these upgrades as that means they won’t have to do it.

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