What Happens to My Roof When Solar Panels are Installed?

What Happens to My Roof When Solar Panels are Installed?

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Making the move to solar energy is a smart move, but people can have concerns. The cost, will solar panels damage your roof, will they leak? It’s very natural to be worried.

It’s a big undertaking and it can be a costly one, as well. People often ask what happens to their roof. It’s a good question, too. Fortunately, roof damage as a result of a solar panel installation is extremely rare.

What Happens to My Roof When Solar Panels are Installed?

It is a common concern when people are considering solar panels. But if you use a reputable and professional contractor, there should not be a problem. If there is, which is rare, they will take full responsibility for it.

One of the best ways to prevent your roof from being damaged is to make sure it is top order. Have it inspected, even if it is fairly new. There may be a few small repairs that need to be taken care of first.

A lot of solar companies don’t offer roofing services, so this should be done before you bring the solar panel team to start the installation. However, if you are replacing your roof, and adding solar panels, you will be sure that everything will be in top working order for many years.


Solar panels can be safely and properly installed on many types of roofs, including asphalt shingles, metal, wood, concrete, slate, clay, and rubber.

The first step in installing a solar panel roof mount is to figure out where the stanchions go. Stanchions are giant screws that hold the solar panels in place. It can be a bit daunting knowing that there are going to be holes drilled in your roof, which is why it’s so important your roof can withstand it.

They will make sure all your tiles or shingles are secure before drilling these holes. Then, they put in electrical wiring that will connect to your electrical panel and home’s power system.
Once the electrical wiring is complete, they will install racking or frames to support your panels. These are the only pieces of equipment that will actually be attached to your roof.

When the racking is level and safely attached, the panels are placed right onto the racking. When the panels are all in place, your inverters are connected to the panels to convert direct current (DC) energy into alternating current (AC) energy.

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If solar panels are not installed properly, it can cause roof damage that will cause problems down the line. There may be holes or gaps left in the roof which can lead to drainage problems or leaks.

They may also be too heavy or large, which can add too much weight and cover too much of the roof’s surface. You still need room for flashing, fixtures, and gutters to work properly and make sure the panels and hardware are not too close to trees or under shade.

If your contractor is not licensed, and make a mess of your roof, this can mean a lot of headaches and extra costs. It could negate your homeowners’ insurance, too.

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