4 Reasons New Homeowners Should Consider Going Solar

4 Reasons New Homeowners Should Consider Going Solar

4 reasons new homeowners should consider going solar kansas city

Well, you bought your first home. Now what? Regardless of how old the home is, you are likely going to make some adjustments. A small remodel or a larger renovation, one of the biggest decisions you make for all new homeowners should be a move to solar.

Most people now are well aware of the benefits of going solar. Costs, independence, smaller footprint. If you plan on keeping the house for many years, here are a few more reasons to consider.

4 Reasons New Homeowners Should Move to Solar

If you are already thinking about a move to solar, good for you. You already have a few reasons to do so.

1. Cut Your Energy Bill

Why not start your new life in your new home on the right foot as the new homeowners. You are going to be looking for ways to cut costs, and your energy bill will be a big one. A home with solar panels will see a decrease in its energy bill by at least half.

That means that much of a cost reduction or more every month, depending on how much electricity can be generated from the sunlight in your area, for the duration of the lifespan of those solar panels. Minimum, twenty-five years.

2. Reduce Your Global Footprint

Fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources are expensive, they are hard for the environment to extract and use, they are often dirty and add to the world’s pollution, and honestly, unnecessary.

Solar power is possibly the cleanest form of renewable energy on the planet. It is generated from sunlight, which is a near-infinite resource, which is not likely going to burn out for many millions of years.

Solar panels produce almost no greenhouse gas emissions, keep you cool, keep you warm because the panels provide your roof shade, which is essential in keeping your home cool. The solar panels on the roof soak up the sun’s rays, preventing them from reaching the roof, and the inside of your house.

3. Return on Investment

This is a real bonus and it happens in a few different ways. While the solar panels might seem expensive as an upfront cost, they will start saving you money right away.

Plus, most people manage to pay off their solar panels in anywhere from 5 to 8 years. That means once you are no longer paying them, your savings will increase.

You avoid the trap of rising energy costs from your community provider, as those costs continue to rise, even though your consumption does not. With solar panels, you can not only make your energy, but you can also sell it to your provider.

The value of your home will also go up. If you do plan on selling down the road, people will be more interested in knowing that the home is equipped to save money already.

4. Create Jobs

People are investing in solar power more and more every year. That means that the price of solar will be coming down. People are making more, the demand is growing, and they are better and less expensive.

Hiring your local contractor to install your solar panels is giving back to your community. That’s good for you, good for them, and good for Mother Nature.

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We can help you find out if a move toward solar is the smart choice for you and your home. If you are thinking about solar, that’s good.