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5 Little Known Facts About Solar Power

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Solar power has come a long way over the years, and yet many misconceptions persist. There are a plethora of little known facts about solar power. We’re here to shed some light on the subject and shed some light on those little known facts to bring you up to speed on the many advantages of solar power.

Productivity of Solar Panels

Solar panels have the ability to produce enough solar energy that you’ll never have to pay an electric bill again. Some states have so much solar energy produced, they’ve begun to sell the leftovers to neighbor states. Communities that co-own solar panels can all get in together and pay even less for solar energy in their homes.

It’s Affordable

Although some might think that the affordability of solar panels is a matter of common sense by now, there’s still much to be said about it. Some folks assume that having solar panels is insanely expensive, but that’s not true.

While you may pay a nice chunk of change in the beginning when you have them installed, you’ll find that solar panels pay for themselves many times over. Just think about how much money you dole out to your electric company every single month of your life.

What if you never had to cut a check to the electric company again? Wouldn’t that be nice? You could probably find something more pleasant to spend your hard-earned money on than your electric bill. when you have solar panels you can take the money you’d usually pay your electric bill with and use it for anything you desire!

Solar Power Is Dependable

Another common concern that many people have involves the dependability of solar power. Folks are so accustomed to relying on an electric company to power their homes that anything different seems like it could be less dependable.

Newer Solar Panels are More Durable than Ever

Older solar panels were quite fragile, and the smallest hail storm could damage them very quickly. Newer panels have become stronger and will last you longer. Most panels can last up to 25 years, maybe even longer. After 25 years, the panels will still produce energy, just not as efficiently as the first 25 years. Keeping your panels maintained properly will keep them working properly year after year!

Fun Facts About Solar Energy and Panels

Solar panels were used on many autonomous aircraft with the help of programs like NASA. They used unique panels on drones for aircraft prototypes and saw they worked splendidly to keep the craft moving with the use of solar power.

Solar energy actually starts out as nuclear power. The sunlight produced by the sun is nuclear fusion, meaning pressure and heat creates continuous nuclear reactions by the sun. These reactions let off radiation that is needed for the panels to absorb to create solar power.

Even though solar energy is considered “renewable energy”, the sun is actually dying. The sun is a star, and scientists have figured out the Earth’s sun was born 4.57 billion years ago, meaning it has about 7 billion years before the sun will become a dwarf star. This dwarf star will be completely exhausted of all of its nuclear power, deeming it useless for solar energy.

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