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Tackling Five Solar Myths About Solar Panel Installation in Kansas City

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If you are on the fence about switching over to solar power as your main energy source, we get it. There are a lot of myths, misconceptions, and questions about renewable sources. Let’s look at a few of the myths about solar power.

1. Solar Panel Installation is too Expensive

This is one of the myths about solar power and we understand why people are concerned. We all like to save money where we can. The truth is, solar power will save you money. Solar panels save you, on average, two to four times their cost in saved electricity bills.

It takes very little time for you to start seeing savings. And while the purchase and installation of solar panels might look expensive upfront, there is a wide range of discounts, rebates and government incentives for investing in solar power.

2. Solar Panels Only Work When it’s Sunny

This is another very popular myth. The solar panels gather energy from the sun, so even if there are clouds or storms, as long as the sun is out, your solar panels will produce energy.

Just like you can get a sunburn when it’s cloudy, your solar panels will work when it’s cloudy. As long as your solar panels are not covered with snow or blocked by something else, they will still work.

3. Solar Panels are High Maintenance

Solar panels are not new and have proven to be low maintenance. Once installed, the only maintenance they require is occasional cleaning. There are no moving parts so there is nothing to get worn down or damaged.

Even Mother Nature takes care of the cleaning for you, with a good rain now and then to rinse off the debris. Plus, there are all kinds of contractor software applications and solar panel monitoring software apps you can use to check their condition, just to be sure.

4. They are Outdated

Solar panels have been around for years, and the future is even brighter. Jump on board while there are attractive incentives for switching over to solar for even more savings.

5. Solar Panels will Damage my Roof

On the contrary, solar panels will actually help to protect and preserve the portion of the roof they cover. Most solar panels do not attach directly to the roof. They are mounted on a railing system and sealed to provide an extra barrier against the elements.

You need to have a site assessment before you install the solar panels anyhow, so you will know if your roof is in proper condition for having solar panels installed. That way, you can have any repairs done before you install and you will know everything is okay.

Myths Debunked

We know people have questions, and that’s why education about renewable sources is so important. Going with solar energy not only saves you money, but it also decreases the impact of your energy consumption on the environment.

Solar energy is clean energy that is great for the environment, easy to use and easy on your wallet. The sun is never going away and more and more people are turning to alternative sources for clean energy.

You will notice a big difference in your energy bill right away, and the savings will outweigh the initial cost of installation. If you’re ready to get into solar, contact us today!