Kansas City Roof Repairs When You Already Have Solar Panels

Kansas City Roof Repairs When You Already Have Solar Panels

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You’ve noticed some leak spots on your ceiling, so you go break the ladder out, and oh no! Shingles have begun to break off, and you’re now definitely sure there is a leak in your roof. You’ve now remembered you have solar panels, so are roof repairs going to be a problem? Let’s see what the next steps are in order to have your roof repaired, which will include having your panels removed and put back in place.

Removing the Solar Panels

Repairing your roof can be costly as is, but if you have solar panels on your roof, removing them can be even more costly. Before any work can be done on your roof, the panels will have to be taken off, which may have to be done by a solar panel contractor and not your roofer. Some roofers will charge extra to remove the panels for insurance in case a panel gets damaged when they are being removed.

Removing the panels will include having to remove the hardware that the panels are attached to. Depending on where the roof is damaged, you may not have to remove the panels at all. Unfortunately, if the problem is near or under the panels, they will definitely have to come off.

Storing the Solar Panels While the Roof is Being Repaired

The solar panels for your home will have to be stored somewhere clean and dry while the repairs are being made. Seeing as they are quite large and delicate, they’ll have to be stored off-site, causing an extra fee there too.

If you have a neighbor or family member, you could avoid the fee by stashing them on their property until the roof repairs are complete.

Roof Repair

After having the panels removed, the roof repair can now begin. Be sure the Kansas City roofing contractors you hire remember where the panels will be going after they make the repairs. You may have to have your solar panel installment contractor come back to put the panels back.

Replacing Your Solar Panels After Repairs to Your Roof Have Been Made

The panels will now have to be put back on, costing you even more money, but if you want to keep saving yourself money on your electric bill, you’ll want them back on. The roofer you hired may be able to replace the panels for you, but more often than not you’re going to have to call your solar installer to come back to replace them.

Replacing the panels will be a delicate process, and some panels could end up damaged quite easily. The hardware for the panels can be hard to place back correctly as well. You don’t want to not put them back up since you’re either still paying on them, or own them outright.

Replacing Your Entire Roof When You Have Solar Panels

The same process of roof repairs will also have to happen when you’re replacing the entire roof. This may cost a bit more too, but you’ll love your new roof in the end, and you can still enjoy the benefits of your solar panels.

Sometimes you really can have your cake and eat it too. This is one of those times, you can have your roof replaced and still keep your solar panels without any problems.

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