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Does Solar Work During a Power Outage?

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This is a common question people have when they are considering switching to solar panels and solar power. There is a misconception that solar power will still be available during a power outage.

This would only be true if you actually lived completely off the grid. That would mean the solar power that was generated was saved in a battery system that you had on your property. But people living in a city will still be connected to the main grid.

Why The Power Goes Out

When you have solar panels to generate your energy, they work by drawing energy from the sun. But that energy needs to be stored somewhere. When you opt for solar paneling, you are still part of the main grid.

Energy generated and not used by you go back to the main storage center of the main grid for storage and future use. Just like regular users of the main power system, it doesn’t work when the power goes off.

Without a storage center, the power you generated and didn’t use would simply be lost. Therefore, the excess energy your panels produce goes back to the grid. This means it is there for when you need it later.

Grid Connections

Storing your own power when you are producing more than you need might sound ideal, but it isn’t always. If power outages are rare where you live, you are likely fine just waiting it out.

Power storage for individuals is expensive. It can cost thousands of dollars. It also is a hassle, dealing with batteries or generators. They can be messy, loud, need a lot of maintenance, and aren’t always reliable.

There are benefits to being connected to the grid. You are supplying your community with energy and they will pay you for that. You will receive rebates or credits on your monthly bills and save a lot of money over the year and beyond.

But when the power is back on, you both supply and draw from the power system on the grid. The only difference is, you make your own clean energy and get credit for it.

Solar Energy is a Great Option

You should not let this be a deterrent for moving forward with solar-powered energy. It is far cleaner and in many ways, far more reliable than other, non-renewable resources.

Power outages happen everywhere but unless you live in harsh climates or places in the world where the power is tentative, at best, solar is always going to be beneficial.

Power outages happen in bad weather or if the city needs to make repairs. These don’t often last long, except under extreme conditions, so consider moving ahead with solar, even if it means you lose power during an outage.

You are doing yourself and the environment a great service by using solar panels for energy. On the grid, once you reach the potential of what you need, it is all fed back to the main grid for use from you and your community.

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