9 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

9 Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

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Considering solar panels for your home could make a big difference. Your energy bills will be lowered and it can be a great investment for your home, your future and the environment. It is a big decision that can save you thousands over the years- but only if your home is a good fit for solar. There are several things you need to take into account before installing solar panels.

Are Solar Panels Right For Me?

Investing in solar panels can change your life for the better. Are you a likely candidate?

1. Cost

While the cost of investing in the solar panels might seem quite high, they have also come down in price over the past few years. With more people buying them and more companies making them, they are becoming more affordable.

Plus, there are also government incentives and tax breaks for those who install solar panels in their home or business. Keep in mind, these panels are coming down in price but you don’t want to give up quality for saving a few dollars.

2. How Long Will You Own The Home?

For the actual investment to reach its full payback potential, think years. It will take at least five years before you see the investment pay off. That is not to say you won’t see a much lower energy bill- that happens immediately.

3. Location

If your home doesn’t receive direct sunlight, you may not benefit from solar panels. In some areas, even cutting down trees for more light may not be allowed. If you live among a lot of tall buildings, you may be out of luck.

4. How Much Energy Do You Need?

Knowing your average energy consumption will help you figure out how many solar panels you will need. A large house with lots of family members all using energy every day will need more than a small house for two.

5. Roof Type and Condition

The type of roof you have needs to be considered. First of all, is it in good repair or does it need work? Solar panels will add quite a bit of weight to it. Do you have enough space on the roof for the number of panels you need?

6. Permits and Insurance

If you live in an area that gets severe storms, like hail, ask if your insurance will cover any damage that may occur to the solar panels.

7. Duration

While installing solar panels won’t take a great deal of time, it will still be a disruption in your daily routine. It typically takes 1-3 days to install to completion. Be sure to choose a time when you are available to be there and it won’t cause any inconvenience for your family or your neighbors.

8. Warranties

You never expect things to go wrong but always ask about the warranty for your solar panels. All Tier 1 Solar panels are warrantied for at least 25 years, and some even carry 30-year warranties!

9. Choose The Right Company

Choose a reputable company and one you can trust. Look for a company that has a solid reputation and accreditation. And most importantly make sure the value the company you work with doesn’t stop when they pull out of the driveway; make sure they back everything up they install with workmanship warranties that cover anything not covered by manufacturers warranties- such as roof leaks or a plumbing line Cathay gets cut during trenching operations.

Solar energy is a safe, clean and renewable choice. It can save you thousands of dollars over the years.

Contact our experts at Live Smart Construction for a consultation and evaluation to see if your home is ready for solar panels. We will inspect your roof, recommend the type of system that will benefit you most.

We will look at your energy consumption over the past year and design a solar plan to match your energy needs.