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6 Common Misconceptions about Solar Panels

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It’s not uncommon for people to find negative aspects to almost anything in life. Some people will challenge almost anything. Just go read a comments section online.

Solar power is the same. There are always going to be misconceptions, but luckily, solar panels have proof on its side. When trying to make up your mind whether you should switch to solar power, remember; Opinions are not facts.

6 Common Misconceptions About Solar Panels

You should always do your own research when gathering information about something as important as solar power. Always check with experts.

It’s Too Expensive

It can certainly seem that way when you start shopping around for solar panels. But it is a much cheaper option than continuing to pay utility rates. Your utility bill will continue to rise, where the solar panels will keep your energy use and costs down.

Plus, the energy you store is shared with the community, therefore allow you to pay even less. Plus, there are incentives offered to those who are moving toward more renewable energy sources, so make sure you ask about those.

Solar Panels only Work When it is Sunny

Yes, solar panels work best when they are receiving direct sunlight, but a cloudy day won’t make very much difference in how much energy they can generate and store up. They work by collecting visible light, so even with clouds, the light is still reflected off the clouds.

Solar Panels Will Wreck My Roof

The way solar panels are installed and the solar panels themselves are continuously improving. If your roof is in good repair, the solar panels will add more protection, not make it worse.

Your roof needs to be inspected and meet certain credentials before moving ahead with solar panels. It needs to be constructed of materials that can accommodate solar panels, and pass all inspections and permit requirements.

Solar Panels Take Too Long for ROI

Solar panels are expensive, but there are ways of not only cutting costs for installation. The fact is, you will see a decent ROI fairly quickly. Solar panels can give homeowners return on investment along with their other economic benefits.

Your solar panels could pay for themselves within 25 years after installation, but even much sooner depending on your state’s incentives and the setup for your panels.

They Require Too Much Maintenance

That simply isn’t true. They need to be cleaned and repaired if they are broken or become dislodged, but if they are properly installed, you are looking at an annual maintenance routine.

They are made to withstand a lot. Assuming your roof is in great shape, they will just do their job while you reap the benefits. They are durable and built to last.

They Look Horrible

Well, they may not be the most beautiful roof you could have but to some, they are. You are saving money and doing the right thing by using renewable resources for your energy.

Do you want lower energy bills or a pretty roof? Beauty s in the eye of the beholder. Someone looking to buy your home will only see beauty.

Consult The Experts

Live Smart Construction are experts when it comes to solar panels and solar energy. We specialize in sustainable building practices that create the ultimate retreat. Live Smart will help you save money, reduce your energy reliance, invest in your future, and do your part for the planet.

Call today with any questions you have. We will separate the fact from the fiction. Contact us today for a consultation ad get solar-powered.