5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Investing in Solar Power

5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Investing in Solar Power

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Investing in solar power is a smart move. It’s also an expensive one and not to be jumped at without a great deal of homework, first. Your first step is to consult a professional team that understands solar.

It’s fine to ask your neighbors for advice if they have recently had solar panels installed, but don’t just take that as gospel. Work with a professional to avoid making costly mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Solar Panels

The popularity of solar energy is growing all the time. That means that demand for professional installers will increase, but not everyone will be as they present themselves.

Don’t Base Your Decision on Price

Yes, solar panels are expensive but they are a worthy investment for your home and your future. While it certainly doesn’t mean the lowest price will be the worst choice, you still get what you pay for.

Make the decision based on the company itself. You are not just buying solar panels, but you are also paying for expert advice, experience, and knowledge.

Don’t Take The First Offer

Take your time and try to find the best option. Talk to several companies, get a few quotes, and do your own research. Find some online reviews, ask your neighbors or a few of their past clients, and give yourself a few options.

Prices will vary for each company. This will depend on the brands they use, labor cost, and their availability. If there is a really big gap between prices, ask them why. If they don’t have an answer, move on.

Lower Your Expectations

People unfamiliar with solar energy may have expectations that are just not feasible. If you are considering getting solar panels, start finding ways to cut your energy consumption before you get them People should be doing this anyhow, just as a matter of practicality and principle.

Just because your energy bill will start to go down, many people think they can use it as much as they want. This will be a disservice to your energy supplier as to how much energy they can offset.

Ignoring Solar Incentives

There are several different incentives that are offered by your city, state, or federal government that can help you save money, but also choose the best plan for your home and situation.

You can lease, buy, or get a loan that is set up specifically for your personal situation. This could be bad credit or a third-party buyer that allows you to pay a fixed rate. Be sure to ask your contractor.

Not Getting Inspections and Permits

It is absolutely vital that you have your roof inspected before you even think about getting solar panels. There could be any number of problems with your roof, from minor repairs needed to it being completely unsuitable for solar panels.

Solar panels can help protect your roof but only if it is in good condition, to begin with. Never get solar panels without knowing your roof can handle them.

Permits are also an important step. Without that, you could face delays, refusals, and even fines, depending on where you live. Make sure everything is in place before you start.

Trusted Professionals

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